Modine Reaffirms Commitment to Lawrenceburg Area With Equipment Transfer Seen as Aid to Development, Growth

March 11, 2010
Modine Reaffirms Commitment to Lawrenceburg Area With Equipment Transfer Seen as Aid to Development, Growth

Lawrenceburg, TN, March 10, 2010 — Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, today announced plans to relocate equipment to a facility near its existing manufacturing plant in Lawrenceburg. The transfer is expected to broaden the plant’s product line offering, expand the company’s production in Lawrenceburg, and over time result in additional jobs in the area. Modine cited plant performance, regional geographic location for customer support, and positive local business climate as key factors in its decision.

“The city of Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County and the state of Tennessee have been extremely cooperative throughout the relocation decision process,” said Scott Miller, Regional Operations Director – Americas. “Their support reaffirms our conclusion that Lawrenceburg is the right place to conduct business and manufacture our products – from our highly dedicated workforce to city hall to the chamber of commerce. We are excited to not only continue our existing manufacturing, but also to expand our local capacity in new technologies at a time when many companies have scaled back operations.”

Over the next few weeks, Modine will begin moving a brazing furnace and associated production equipment to a leased building across the street from the current Lawrenceburg plant. Installation is expected to take about a month. The furnace will be used in the manufacture of GOHAR (Global Off-Highway Aluminum Radiators), primarily for North American customers. CAB – Controlled Atmospheric Brazing, which uses an inert nitrogen-based atmosphere, is the preferred process for the manufacture of certain aluminum heat exchangers. At present, the Lawrenceburg plant makes charge air coolers, engine fuel coolers, and front-end cooling modules for the commercial vehicle market. Opened in 1979, the plant currently employs approximately 180 people.

“We’re excited about the relocation and the opportunities it represents for our employees and the community,” said Greg Mansfield, Lawrenceburg plant manager. “Adding the CAB furnace will give us a broader skill set and provide more capabilities here to serve off-highway customers. As part of a heavy-duty vehicle program build-out currently underway, the new process will allow us to move a number of employees to the leased facility where they will be trained in the new manufacturing processes and technologies. This will also better enable our plant to function as a center of excellence for our expanded customer base.”

Modine’s decision to transfer the CAB furnace and associated equipment to Lawrenceburg supports the company’s Four-Point strategic business plan which calls for realignment of its global manufacturing footprint to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale. In the last three years, this strategy has included plant closures in North America, Europe and Asia, expansion into lower-cost countries and shifting of production resources to other Modine facilities. The plan also comprises overhead cost reduction, greater capital allocation discipline, and continued product portfolio evaluation.

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